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Visual acuity is an integral part of eye health, and, for many, measuring it leads to new corrective lens prescriptions. Everyone's eyes are different, so it takes the expertise that you find at South Jersey Vision Center in Barrington, New Jersey. Joseph Kamerling, MD, Paul Speesler, OD, and the staff not only measure each patient’s visual acuity to determine if they need glasses or contact lens but help them find the right products for their individual needs.

Glasses and Contact Lenses Q & A

What is Visual Acuity?

Visual acuity is a sophisticated way of measuring how well a person sees both near and far. Low visual acuity typically means the patient needs corrective lens due to a refractive error.

High and low refractive errors are at the heart of conditions like nearsightedness and farsightedness.

How is Visual Acuity Measured?

Most people remember looking at the old eye chart in the school nurse’s office. That's one form of measuring visual acuity, and eye specialists still use it in today’s high tech world.

The goal is to see how well a person can focus at a certain distance. In the case of the eye chart, the symbols go from big to minuscule. The test simply identifies the level at which the patient can see clearly.

How Do Corrective Lenses Work?

Corrective lenses, glasses or contact lenses, focus incoming light on the retina to improve visual acuity.

If the wrong prescription is given, the patient will continue to struggle to see. The practitioners at South Jersey Vision Center can determine what kind of lens is the best choice for each patient.

If you're ready to improve your vision, don't hesitate to call or click to schedule your first appointment at South Jersey Vision Center today.