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Regular eye exams are the best way to protect yourself from vision-related problems and keep your vision sharp. The eye care specialists at South Jersey Vision Center in Barrington, New Jersey -- Joseph Kamerling, MD and Paul Speesler, OD -- perform comprehensive eye exams on their patients that include screening for eye diseases like glaucoma and cataracts. Patients who require corrective lenses can get help finding the right ones for their lifestyle, too, whether they want glasses or contacts.

Eye Examinations Q & A

Why Get Regular Eye Exams?

It is a common misconception that you only need to visit the eye doctor if you have trouble with your vision.

A comprehensive exam, like the ones patients get at South Jersey Vision Center, also includes screening for conditions that can lead to blindness.

In most cases, early detection is critical, and some eye diseases such as glaucoma may have no symptoms. By the time the patient knows there is a problem, it may be too late to stop the progression of the disease.

Over time, most people’s eyes change, so the exam helps the provider identify ways to improve the patient’s vision. Some vision changes are so subtle that you might be struggling to see and not be aware of it. Patients can experience eye fatigue, for instance, and just write it off as too many hours at work or reading.

An eye exam is as much about comfort as anything else. People go through their day with problems like dry eyes and not even consider that an eye specialist like the ones at South Jersey Vision Center can help.

What Happens During An Eye Examination?

A full eye exam may include several painless tests.

The visual acuity test measures how sharp the patient’s vision is from a distance and near.

If necessary, the doctor goes through the process to correct a refractive error. Retinoscopy gives the doctor a rough estimate of the patient’s correction needs and the refraction test refines it.

The cover test checks to see if the eyes work well together, and the ocular motility test shows if the eyes can follow a moving object and fix on separate targets.

Stereopsis is a test that checks depth perception.

A complete eye exam includes a slit lamp exam and a dialated fundus exam to fully assess the health of the eye.

Are you ready to guarantee your vision's good health? Schedule a comprehensive eye exam at South Jersey Vision Center today!