South Jersey Vision Center is committed to providing you with high-quality eye care services and exceeding your expectations. We continually strive to find ways to improve the services we provide to you, our patient. We know dealing with your insurance company can be confusing and time-consuming. That’s why we’ve taken steps to make the process easier for you. 

Our Billing Department will submit claims to all insurers and health plans, whether or not we are a participating provider with that insurer or health plan. We promise to do this in a timely manner. 

To help us make sure your claims are submitted correctly, we will frequently ask you to update your file. We have found that 25-50 percent of our patients make a change that affects their health insurance and reimbursement. If you do not report this information to us, the correct information will not be sent to your insurance or health plan. This often results in your visit not being covered, and both you and our staff spending a lot of time finding the problem, resubmitting the claim and waiting for reimbursement. 

We’re here to help. Please feel free to ask us questions and let us know how we can serve you better.

You’re not only a patient but a partner in your healthcare. Since our patients are insured by hundreds of different insurance companies, we need your help as well. Please present your insurance card(s) at each visit.

Understand the benefits your insurance or health plan provides for physician office visits. While our staff is familiar with many common plans, it is helpful for you to know what services are covered. If you are unsure, check with your employer or insurer. You will be responsible for any charges not covered by your insurance or health plan at the time of your visit.

Try to determine whether our office is a participating provider with your insurance or health plan. If you have a question please give us a call.

If you are a member of an insurance or health plan with which we participate, be prepared to pay any co-payment amount and any amounts for non-covered services performed during your visit. Co-payment amounts are usually noted on your health plan card. Our office will notify you of any non-covered services that may be required for your visit or procedure in advance of the service being provided.

If you are a member of an insurance or health plan with which we do not participate, we will file your claim as a courtesy to you, however, you are responsible for paying for your services at the time of your visit. For your convenience, we accept Cash and Checks. Once your claim has been processed, any reimbursements due should be sent directly to you by your insurance or health plan.

*To view a complete list of the insurance plans, click here